Fort portal town is situated in the northern foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, some 50 kilometres north of Kasese and 320 kilometres west of Kampala, fort portal is likeable enough town, but of greatest interest to travellers for lying at the epicenter of a cluster of highly alluring and reasonably accessible national parks and other tourist attraction.

The most accessible national park amongst all is probably Kibale Forest National Park, which  is situated about 30km south of the town. This park not only the best place to track chimpanzees in Uganda, but also harbours its greatest primate diversity and a thrilling variety of forest birds.

Other popular destination around Fort portal include a field of several dozen crater lakes near Kibale Forest, and the forested Semuliki National Park and more open Semuliki Wild Reserve at the base of the northern Rwenzori foothills.

Marked by a remarkable amount of new tourist development in recent years, the Fort portal area host perhaps the greatest density of successful community  based eco tourism projects anywhere in Africa, most of which are strongly geared towards backpackers. This is perhaps the most positive trend you can ever find in Africa and model for new tourists.

Key attraction in and around Fort portal town

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